What Devices will Apple Present at its Event on November 10?


What Devices will Apple Present at its Event on November 10?

Apple doesn’t stop. Even though the technology company has already made two presentations in the last two months, the details are being finalized to carry out a new event on November 10. The company will present the next generation of MacBooks.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to present three different laptops. Besides, they will be the first devices of this type to have processors developed entirely by the company. With its arrival to stores, the alliance that the Californian technology company had with Intel for the creation of its computer chips ended. 

Apple will present three computers

Apple will present two MacBook Pros at the event, each differentiated by the size of their screen. The largest will have a 16-inch panel, while the smallest one will be reduced to 13. Also, the new MacBook Air will be cheaper than the previous ones, and it will also have a 13-inch screen.

The smaller models are more advanced in production.  The media also points out that, apart from the addition of a new processor designed entirely in Cupertino, the devices will not have any significant novelty in design compared to their predecessors.

Possible surprises by the company

Introductions of the new Apple products for 2020 could continue beyond the latest MacBooks. The Californian company already dedicated an event in September to show the world its new iPad. Also, just a couple of weeks ago, it made another presentation to showcase its iPhone 12, the company’s first 5G-compatible smartphone.

According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company is about to announce its new AirPods, the brand’s wireless headphones. For this new generation, Apple wants its accessories to be more compact. Specifically, the technology is working to remove the tail-shaped bottom of the device and, in this way, reduce the hardware. The device’s battery is also expected to be larger than its predecessors.

Rumors indicate that the new AirPods will be available in the coming months. It is even possible that they may arrive before the end of 2020. There is a possibility that Apple will soon present a new model of the HomePod, its new smart speaker.

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