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The financial world is full of opportunities that you can either use to your advantage. If you’ve been searching for a  side hustle that will provide you with more than your average wage, the broker market might be a place for you. Step into the world of trading with a broker that will surely provide you with the best tools and instruments.

Please take advantage of this review and the information that we’ve carefully gathered for you. Read on and get to know the broker that will indeed become a part of your future financial success.

Weston Ridge Broker Review: What you Need to Know First

If you have been looking for a broker that puts their clients’ satisfaction and safety first, then you are reading the right review about a broker created exclusively for you. We can assure you that this broker will move mountains for you to have a top-notch trading experience.

Will this broker place you above all else? It sure will! Weston Ridge serves up to 40+ countries and works tirelessly 24/5.

Weston Ridge review: Weston Ridge in numbers

Why Should You Choose Weston Ridge?

Weston Ridge uses the advanced MetaTrader4  platform in combination with a powerful WebTrader. Thus, making it one of the most advanced platforms out there.

Moreover, the broker provides its traders with an experienced team of account managers. This is quite an uncommon practice in brokerages, and we were happy to see Weston Ridge providing traders with the best of the best.

All of the account managers on the website are trading professionals with an extensive backgrounds.

In addition to all these marvelous opportunities, we were pretty pleased to see that the Weston Ridge offers:

  •         Low Spreads – No massive gap between the asking price and the bid price.
  •         Speedy Trading – Fast execution with minimum lags.
  •         Diversified Assets – A chance to get the highest plausible returns while reducing likely risks.

Weston Ridge: Review of Trading Products

The broker offers a variety of products that you can trade. You are free to choose whatever you like, whether it is the CFDs market, cryptocurrencies, or forex.  The brokerage company offers low spreads, trading availability from any spot, and access to trading platforms.

Weston Ridge: Review of Account Types

The broker offers an impressive range of account types with various tools, assets, and instruments, depending on the trader’s level of expertise and experience.

Now, take a look at the list and chose which account will best suit your trading needs and style.

account types

Basic Account Type

As the name says itself, this is a primary account type. It quite an average list of tools and instruments. However, it will suit beginner traders perfectly who have just started their way into the financial world.

  1. Account Balance starter amount $250
  2. Withdrawal approvals take four business days
  3. Minimum Leverage 1:50

Silver Account Type

This is also a basic account type. However, we think traders with more experience in trading will prefer it over the Basic account type.

  1. Account Balance starter amount $10 000
  2. Withdrawal approvals take three business days
  3. Active Customer Support
  4. Minimum Leverage 1:100

Gold Account Type

The name speaks for itself, and it’s not just a straightforward account type but a fantastic bundle that offers its clients the perfect amount of instruments. This account type is undoubtedly more than enough for sophisticated trading experts.

  1. Account Balance starter amount $25 000
  2. Withdrawal approvals take two business days
  3. Active Customer Support
  4. Minimum Leverage 1:200
  5. Daily Market News
  6. 1-on1 Educational Course
  7. Free Monthly Webinars
  8. Trading Alerts
  9. Event Analysis

Platinum Account Type

The heart wants what it wants, and if it desires the best and most exclusive trading services, then Weston Ridge has got you covered with its Platinum account type.

  1. Account Balance starter amount $100 000
  2. Event Trading
  3. Direct Line to your Account Executive
  4. Withdrawal approvals take one business days
  5. Active Customer Support
  6. Minimum Leverage 1:400
  7. Free NFP Trading Signals
  8. Daily Market News
  9. 1-on1 Educational Course
  10. Complete Money Management Plan
  11. Free Monthly Webinars
  12. Trading Alerts
  13. Event Analysis


Now, this is uncharted territory that is more likely for the ultimate toffs of the trading world. The VIP account type is shrouded in mystery, which will open its curtains if you are brave enough to choose it.  VIP offers unprecedented exclusivity. Thus, you’ll get a chance to create your own personal account in a few easy steps.


If you are searching for sophistication and high-level execution, this account might be what you are looking for.

  •         Private Manager
  •         Direct contact to your own account.
  •         Exclusive account Programs

One more thing to consider, in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, is that Weston Ridge is only allowed to transfer funds to an account bearing your name. So, refrain from using any acronyms or nicknames. The company may require additional information or documentation before releasing any funds to your account. Documents need to be sent to the broker’s customer support e-mail: [email protected]

Account Opening Process

You will need 4 easy steps to start your journey with Weston Ridge.

1)     First, you’ll need to sign up for the account type of your choice.

2)      Choose the preferable platform for you, whether it’s Webtrader or MT4.

3)      Deposit funds into your account using our secure payment system.

4)      Turn your trading inspiration on and start the most enjoyable trading with the Weston Ridge experience.

Weston Ridge Review: Exclusive Trading Platforms

It does not really matter, whether you are a traditional trader or a next-gen one. Are you used to trading with the most renowned tools?  Do you prefer up-to-date fashionable tools and gadgets?  Maybe, you’re a fan of good old renowned instruments? It does not matter as the Weston Ridge Trading Platform combines all of these and offers you to make the choice that is best for you.

Remember, if you choose to trade with the Weston Ridge trading platform, you will receive special attention from its team of experts that will give you the extra boost you need.

Weston Ridge review: Exclusive Trading Platforms

Review of Weston Ridge WebTrader

The amount of work that the broker has put into developing the ultimate comfortable trading zone for their traders is truly astounding. Weston Ridge has developed its very own WebTrader. That is directly connected to the MT4 servers and can access trades opened via the MT4 terminal. Furthermore, the Weston Ridge WebTrader can be accessed from anywhere globally and on any device.

Do you know what makes the WebTrader even better? Weston Ridge WebTrader requires no downloading.  Thus, none of your devices will have to fill up their memory space. You click your web browser and trade on.  In fact, the Weston Ridge WebTrader is Extremely user-friendly and includes all of the instruments traders might need for a profitable trading session. It is easy to operate, offers multiple trading execution modes, and has low spreads.

Review of Weston Ridge MetaTrader4 Terminal

Weston Ridge has its unique MetaTrader4 platform. Thus, you can trade using one of the most professional platforms that exist today. The trading terminal can be downloaded for free from the broker’s website. It includes the most robust and quick market analysis tools that will surely help you execute your trading in a  blink of an eye.

  • Technical indicators and charting tools
  • For professionals and beginners
  • Low spreads and fees
  • Multiple trading execution modes
  • Free to download

Weston Ridge Review: Refund Process

Funding and refunding your account is quite easy and accessible through the Weston Ridge platform. To fund your account, you can use Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, Skrill, and Cash U.

Weston Ridge review: Refund Process

In certain exceptional circumstances, Weston Ridge may refund payments made by a credit card. In this case, the funds will be refunded to the card that was used for the deposit. The customer has the right to close his or her account at any time. Also, the processing of refund requests can take up to 2 business days, depending on the customer account type.

Weston Ridge Review: Conclusion

Weston Ridge is a brokerage that managed to do something unique. The brokerage provides its clientele with the most sophisticated tools and instruments. That alone puts it above most brokers that look like copies of each other. Weston Ridge is defiantly not like the others.  In fact, it is not difficult to see why we’re so impressed with the broker. The weston-ridge.com web platform is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and pleasant to use.

To conclude our Weston Ridge review, we’d like to give a definite recommendation. We wish more firms would follow the example Weston Ridge.com has set in the future.

Risk Disclosure:

Digital currencies are volatile and highly speculative. Before you make any decision, consider the fact that it is straightforward to lose all your hard-earned capital. The services offered on the Weston Ridge website may not be suitable for you, so before consuming any of the company’s services, you should consider your financial condition and level of trading expertise.  Please remember to speculate with the money that you can afford to lose. Otherwise, make your own decisions and do your own research!

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