Video Shows NYPD Detective Get Attacked from Behind in Broad Daylight


New York City police detectives are highlighting an attack on a detective as a symbol of a city that has lost its way.

On Monday, a detective was processing the scene of a Queens robbery shortly before noon when he was attacked in broad daylight,

The Detectives’ Endowment Association pushed video of the incident out on social media.

“Welcome to NYC!” the NYPD union tweeted. “Even as our Detectives investigate crimes they’re attacked by emboldened criminals, who have quickly realized there are no consequences for law breakers in our city. The DEA is calling for this violence to be fully prosecuted as we look to file civil charges.”

WARNING: The following video contains violent images that some viewers may find disturbing:

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The video shows a detective taking notes near a smashed glass window.

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As he goes about his work, a man holding two sticks sidles up behind him.

The detective never saw it coming, and holds his head after the impact.

The attacker steps back and examines the results of his work, first dancing away and then running as police chase him.

Police arrested a Bronx man, 25-year-old Akeele Morgan, not far from the scene of the incident, according to the New York Post.

He is facing charges of criminal possession of a weapon, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

“The detective suffered a gash to his head and a whip mark, according to his union,” the Post reported.

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He was taken to New York Presbyterian-Queens Hospital, according to the New York Daily News.

“Once again, New Yorkers witness just how emboldened violent criminals are,” DEA president Paul DiGiacomo said in a statement. “If there’s anyone wondering why this happened, they can ask their elected officials who have created a city of no consequences for criminality.”

The attack comes as crime numbers show that last year’s spike in crime in New York City was not a one-time event.

During March, New York City saw a 36 percent increase in murders and a 35.1 percent increase in vehicle thefts. Although robberies dipped 11.8 percent and burglaries were down 8.5 percent, shootings were up 76.8 percent.

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