TotemFi Offers 450,000 TOTM Tokens in Initial DEX Offering


TotemFi launched its TOTM token today. This DeFi prediction platform is relatively new. However, the company claims that its dApp will utilize blockchain technology and attempt to overcome issues with traditional markets. It also offers customers Bitcoin and native token rewards.

TotemFi aims to create a minimal-risk, easily accessible platform that would have the ability to predict future events and asset prices. The company has an extensive roadmap and some major partnerships. Furthermore, TotemFi has recently stated that it has some exciting announcements to make over the next few days.

Meanwhile, investors can buy TOTM tokens during the IDO trading, which started today. The price per TOTM is $0.225, and 450,000 tokens are available for public sale. However, the total supply consists of 10 million TOTM.

TotemFi platform will provide high yields for investors 

The company’s protocol aims to harmonize incentives for both individuals and the collective. Besides, the platform won’t penalize users for inaccurate predictions. TotemFi wants to broaden participation with their protocol. Incumbent markets are usually complex with high financial risk for accuracy. So, many investors hesitate to enter trading. To compensate for the risk, the company decided to offer higher yields for participation. The investors get staking returns along with favorable bitcoin (BTC) and native token rewards.

TotemFi will focus on incentivizing early adoption, as well as long-term engagement with its project. As it doesn’t penalize for inaccuracy, investor’s stake isn’t at risk when they predict. However, if the weighted average prediction of a staking pool hits the mark, everyone will win. TotemFi highly values community and its insights.

The company noted that their protocol would serve as a community-created indicator of cryptocurrency market sentiment. TotemFi’s longer-term goal is for both beginners and veterans alike to be able to use its product to assess how its community feels about market trends and use that to their advantage.

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