Tokocrypto develops TKO NFT Arcade. TKO already available 


Tokocrypto launched its new token, TKO, recently. Investors can buy it on Binance Launchpad. According to the company, the token sale follows the Launchpad subscription format. Tokocrypto is Indonesia’s fastest-growing digital asset exchange in user registrations, as well as trading volumes. It became established in 2018.

Tokocrypto has a well-diversified platform. It enables users to get investment exposure in the Indonesian market and gain access to a fast-growing crypto exchange. Furthermore, it gives customers leverage on sizable crypto user influx in Indonesia and allows them to take part in decentralized offerings.

With the Tokocrypto platform, users can gain access to cross-chain yield generation for a multitude of assets. They can also join the TKO NFT Arcade, which is another big advantage, as the latter is Indonesia’s first marketplace for creative assets and digital collectibles powered by TKO.

In fact, the TKO token will be the first local Indonesian cryptocurrency project, offering a unique exchange token model. It will allow token owners to use TKO to trade on an NFT marketplace, get fee discounts, participate in deposit & savings programs, and use cross-platform DeFi.

Tokocrypto plans to release a total of 500,000,000 TKO. However, the current circulating supply consists of only 21.7% of the total supply. For now, the token is trading for a discount sale price, 0.1 USD per TKO. During the ICO, investors can buy 75,000,000 tokens, which is 15.0% of the Total Token Supply. TKO Token Type is BEP20, and distribution will begin after the sale ends.

TKO owners will enjoy several advantages

Tokocrypto plans to develop TKO NFT Arcade, which will be Indonesia’s first marketplace for digital collectibles and other creative assets.

The platform already has strong Community Support. Over the last four years, Tokocrypto has gained 30,000+ weekly active traders. It also boasts 25,000,000 USD daily trading volume and 123,000+ downloads since the mobile app launch in October 2020. Currently, the platform’s user base includes 200,000+ registered users.

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