The Unemployment Rate Climbs to 8.1% in the Eurozone


The unemployment rate in Europe increased one-tenth in August compared to July, to stand at 8.1%. Meanwhile, in the European Union, unemployment has increased one-tenth and reached 7.4%, according to the reports of Eurostat, the community statistical office.

At the beginning of September, Eurostat indicated that unemployment in the nineteen countries reached 7.9% during July. This figure has been corrected and risen in a month.

The number of unemployed people in the EU reached 13.18 million. 26% of the total number of unemployed corresponds to Spain, registering 3.48 million jobless people.

Spain is the most unemployed country in the EU

Spain leads the unemployment rate throughout the European Union, in the absence of confirmation of Greece’s data, standing at 16.2%. 

In June, Greece surpassed Spain, standing at 18.3% compared to 16.2% for Spain.

The female unemployment rate in the EU rose to 7.6% from 7.5% in July, while in Europe, it reached 8.4%, one-tenth more than in July. Among men, unemployment remained at 7.1%, while it progressed from 7.8% in July to 7.9% in the eurozone. In Spain’s case, women’s unemployment rate increased in August to 17.2% from 16.9%. Meanwhile, among men, it rose to 15.3% from 14.9%.

Among people under 25 years of age, the unemployment rate was 17.6% in the EU and 18.1% in the euro area. The numbers were above 17.4% and 17.8%, respectively, registered in July. In absolute figures, the number of unemployed young people in the EU reached 3.03 million in July. Of which 2.46 million corresponded to the euro area. Which implies an increase of 64,000 unemployed young people in the EU and 69,000 in the eurozone compared to the previous month.

In Spain, there were 555,000 unemployed young people in July, an increase of 38,000 compared to the previous month and of 43,000 in one year.

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