The Best Side Hustles in Asia for Making Additional Money


The so-called ‘gig’ economy in the UK has enjoyed exponential growth since the great recession, while more than doubling in size to account for 4.7 million workers over the course of the last three years.

The market houses a diverse range of people. This includes those who freelance as a way of supplementing the income earned from their primary job. Such an income stream is commonly referred to as a side hustle, which essentially refers to any activity that helps you to make money outside of your day job.

This can take numerous different forms and is a particularly common endeavor in tech-driven and entrepreneurial markets such as Asia. So, here are the best side hustles for making money in Asia.

1.    Trade Forex

 It makes sense that trading forex should be one of the most popular side hustles in Asia. Particularly taking into account the prominent and lucrative nature of the foreign exchange in this region.

Make no mistake; the Asian trading session is a diverse entity that unofficially runs from 11 pm and 8 am GMT. It includes a range of currencies from the Chinese yuan, the Japanese yen, and the Australian dollar.

To target this market and specific currency pairings successfully, you’ll need to build a broad base of knowledge before utilizing a demo account to translate this into practical trading experience.

From here, you can build a portfolio of pairings and grow organically in line with your profits, creating a vast and passive income stream that’s highly desirable.

2. Create and Sell Bespoke Handmade Goods

It should come as no surprise that the majority of merchants selling through resources such as Amazon and Shopify start out by pursuing a side hustle, before growing their ventures and creating a more sustainable source of income.

One of the best embodiments of this is the creation and sale of bespoke items. There’s a growing global demand across an array of markets for such products.

Another advantage of this is that it enables you to indulge your passion for creativity and leverage this as a potential income stream. This lays the foundation for a career that can deliver satisfaction on multiple levels in the future.

3. Launch a Blog

While launching a blog site may not quite be as lucrative as it was a decade ago (thanks largely to Google’s changing algorithms and increased emphasis on high-quality content), it remains a more than viable side hustle in the digital age.

This is also an incredibly accessible endeavor, as anyone with a laptop and a WiFi connection can launch a blog.

This is especially true in an age where you can create attractive websites from scratch using predesigned templates, without having to invest huge amounts of money in design.

Over time, you can strive to monetize your blog through a host of different channels. This includes paid advertising and charging guest bloggers to share their content with your readers.

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