Stock Futures Traded Mixed on the Last Day of March


It is worth mentioning that, stock futures traded mixed on Wednesday morning after a day of losses across the three major equity indexes. Interestingly, contracts on the S&P 500 as well as Nasdaq rose as technology shares strengthened their positions. However, Dow futures traded a tick below the flat line.

As a reminder, the Dow fell for the first time in four sessions on March 30. Moreover, each of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq also declined. Interestingly, shares of big bank stocks recovered some losses from earlier this week as lenders assessed the losses they would incur after the hedge fund Archegos Capital defaulted on significant margin calls last week.

People should keep in mind that, traders will be watching President Joe Biden’s latest public address on Wednesday. Biden is expected to discuss details about his infrastructure plan for the country. This proposal could come with a price tag of up to $4 trillion. It would comprise a multi-faceted plan aimed at restoring roads as well as bridges. Moreover, another purpose of this plan is to address climate change and income inequality.

Stock futures and various factors

As stated above, stock futures traded mixed on March 31 after a day of losses across the three major equity indexes.

It is worth noting that, Wednesday also marks the final session of both March and the first quarter. Interestingly, for the year-to-date, small-cap stocks and the cyclical energy, financials, and industrial sectors or the biggest under-performers of 2020 outperformed strongly. However, last year’s leading technologies lagged. Importantly,  this rotation coincided with a faster-than-anticipated vaccination program in the U.S. Moreover, an influx of estimates-topping economic data helped to boost them.

However, there are certain challenges as well. Investors are looking for signs that the stimulus-aided recovery is bringing with it a rapid rise in inflation.

Countries around the world suffered losses due to the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. is not an exception. Unsurprisingly, investors are closely monitoring the situation as they would like to learn more about various factors. The world’s largest economy has the potential to stabilize the situation. However, it won’t be easy to eliminate all problems caused by the pandemic in a short period of time. As a reminder, the pandemic continues to remain a serious problem in many places. For example, Europe is struggling to deal with a new wave of infections. It could take several months to solve this problem. { font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; }

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