Mistakes to avoid when you start investing


Investing money is necessary to increase our wealth in the long term and to ensure that our savings do not lose value over time.

However, when we start to invest, we realize that there are many concepts that we do not know. Little experience in the subject can lead us to make multiple mistakes that translate into capital losses. 

We explain six common mistakes that occur when you start investing and how you can avoid them. 

Being a victim of scams 

Unfortunately, the business world is full of scammers who take advantage of people’s ignorance to keep their money. 

When investing, whether in the stock market or the real sector, ensure the proposals’ validity and legality. Don’t believe the ones that are too good to be true.

Invest in companies or sectors that are in fashion

Successful investors recommend focusing investments towards the long term, thinking about those companies or sectors that will be successful in the coming years, and not focusing on fashionable companies, following the herd. 

Invest on impulse and without economic and financial education

It is challenging to have good results when you do not know what you are doing and what you are investing in. Before starting investing, the first step is to invest in yourself, in economic and financial education. 

Put all your eggs in one basket

Successful long-term investors recognize the need to diversify their portfolio, spreading their investments across multiple asset classes. 

Putting all of your money in a single stock or a specific sector leaves you vulnerable to falls in that stock or sector. 

Invest the money you will need in the short term

Before investing, you must have your financial plan structured, in which you have your savings and funds to pay for monthly expenses. The investment money should be separate, that does not affect your financial health. 

Besides, there is a risk of losing money, so you must make sure this will not affect your economy. 

Allowing emotions to affect investment decisions

A common mistake is making buying or selling decisions based on fear or greed, for example, letting market dips scare you off and end up backing down on investing. 

Learning to control your emotions can make a crucial difference between the success and failure of your investments. 

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