How Bitcoins Became One of the Most Successful Crypto


With the advancement of Bitcoins, the payment has become very easy and fast. The Bitcoins are the peer-peer systems, where there are no third-parties like banks or any other governments, to control the transaction. A developed country like the US is investing in Bitcoin, as the scarcity will not a scarcity issue, with Bitcoins, as the total limit on mining the Bitcoins are 21 million USD. This article discusses the reasons to use bitcoin when compared to other cryptos, in the following sections. To know more about bitcoin trading you can visit

Why are Bitcoins Successful?

The main attracting feature of Bitcoins is its blockchain technology. There the transactions are stored as blocks. Then they become transparent to all the users in the Blockchain. They do not maintain a central server, which has the drawbacks of getting crashed by viruses or attacks by malicious users or control by some authorized bodies. Whether the transaction is national or international, the transactions occur very quickly and with a minimal transaction fee for international transactions.

When a buyer or seller initiates a Bitcoin transaction, the payments do not need any other third parties to process the transaction. Based on the transaction, a social media firm can capture the data with a regular currency system, by posting unnecessary advertisements and annoying you by trying to sell the product, which you may not have, interest. With Bitcoin transactions helps avoid such nuisances. Sometimes, the credit bureau captures personal data for assessing fiscal reliability. But, they will not be able to capture details with a Bitcoin transaction.

Bitcoin Authentication Process

The authentication process used for a Bitcoin transaction is very secured and simple. If you want to initiate a banking transaction, the bank might ask for your signature or social security card. This is to prevent other users from using your identity to access the account. In the case of Bitcoins, every transaction is stored in a public ledger known as Blockchain. You may have a question of how authentication takes place in crypto.

To prevent, the access of your transaction in a Bitcoin payment, a digital signature is used as the authentication mechanism. Through digital signatures, the seller and buyers have confidence that, the intended sender released the message. Thus, the messages do not get tampered with. This digital authentication system developed with the help of a hashing algorithm and asymmetric encryption.

Secured Bitcoin Transaction

The Bitcoin employs a SHA256, hashing algorithm, where the output will be consisting of 256 binary digits. In fact, the digest or a hash refers to the output from a hash algorithm. The interesting fact of the hashing algorithm is, from the output sequence, you will not be able to predict the input. So, a bitcoin transaction will be added to the Blockchain. But, only after producing a hash for that block and the hash must also be encrypted.

The Bitcoins use an asymmetric encryption to encrypt the hash. In this encryption system, the private key and public key are very important. Suppose, you encrypt with a public key, the receiver can decrypt with the private key. Anyone can use the public key. Only the concerned person can access the private key.

Thus, Bitcoin payments are secure with the hashing algorithm and asymmetric encryption scheme. The sender will be able to confirm, only the receiver has opened the message, and the message has been tampered by an anonymous user in the middle.

Success Depends on Adoption

As there are some sort of price fluctuations and still some sort of improvements are needed for making Bitcoin transactions over the Internet, still few people and stores do not accept Bitcoins. Some would even think, if today I buy a $4 worth mocha, tomorrow it would rise to $7. But with technology advancement and acceptance by many sites, the Bitcoins can be still more successful.

A traditional currency system will suffer from double-spending. The same money is used for more than one transaction. But Bitcoin avoids this. Since the miners avoid adding such transactions to the Blockchain.

These are the features that made Bitcoin as an emerging and successful crypto. The buyers and sellers can safely and quickly make Bitcoin payments for the exchange of some goods.

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