$Haven ICO is Live. Is this Token Better than Bitcoin? 


SafeHaven launched its native token $Haven on June 30, 2021. You shouldn’t confuse this token with Safe Haven’s SHA, though, which is totally different. These two platforms are not the same, even though their names seem similar.

SafeHaven is a community driven DeFi project. The team has built it on Binance Smart Chain. They also decided to make the first token $Haven available to early investors via Unicrypt Initial Liquidity Offering. The ICO sale is already live, and the token price is $0.2 per $Haven.

The total limited supply of $Haven tokens is 21 million. According to the company, all $Haven token holders will receive BNB rewards based on their percentage of holdings. As a result, users will have a great source of passive income.

Furthermore, the SafeHaven team engineered its native token to enable its users to combat day traders, whales, and bots with revolutionary tokenomics. The latter rewards holders while simultaneously penalizing short selling with a high transaction tax to decrease market volatility and improve price stability.

SafeHaven has already burned 10.5 million $Haven tokens to supercharge the BNB pool. As a result, 50% of the BNB pool will be unclaimable from the first day. That provides additional security to the $Haven BNB reward system. Besides, that will also help to keep the token at a sustainable level and ensure it can never be drained more than 50%. The 1% burn on transactions will also contribute positively to the BNB pool.

$Haven token has some characteristics similar to the Bitcoin of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. However, the SafeHaven team claims that their token is actually an improvement on Bitcoin tokenomics.

$Haven ICO is Live. Is this Token Better than Bitcoin? 

What are the SafeHaven team’s arguments?

Haven token has top-notch security. After the burn, the $Haven’s total capped supply will be 10.5 million tokens, less than half as much as Bitcoin’s total supply of 21 million.

Besides, BNB rewards for $Haven token holders are payable every 72 hours. The token enables users to generate passive income from their holdings regardless of prevailing market conditions. On the other hand, Bitcoin offers no such reward.

Moreover, all buy, sell, and transfer transactions are liable to a 1% burn tax. The latter acts as a deflationary measure. That will constantly increase the scarcity of the $Haven token and consequently increase its value.

While crypto investors and traders decide themselves which token they prefer, one thing is clear – $Haven is very hot right now.

UnitedCrowd’s popularity is increasing. Why’s that?

UnitedCrowd’s token is currently trending. The company already ended its first round of token sales, but it plans to begin the second one soon. UCT token was trading for 0.015 USD during the initial coin offering. The platform accepted ETH, BTC, and USD in exchange for UCT.

This company enables tokenization in compliance with regulations. Its Tokenization Framework is an automated solution for digitizing values, including every right and obligation contained in them. UnitedCrowd makes it possible to issue a token and register it in a distributed ledger technology (DLT) infrastructure. These tokens represent the digitized form of other values, and their owners can transmit them via the blockchain.

The company essentially provides its users with a digital financing tool tailored to their needs. Its online platform enables creators and artists to acquire investors worldwide, attract customers and expand their community.

Furthermore, the UnitedCrowd platform offers various investment options. It also provides many interesting and advanced features that simplify digital investments and are easy to use.


What other services does UnitedCrowd offer?

The company has its own Multi Wallet, and customers can use it to transfer crypto values or storage. The Wallet is connected to the platform via an interface, but it is also available as a separate app.

The service portfolio supplements the components of the technical solution. As a result, UnitedCrowd can cover all aspects related to Tokenization financing, including KYC processing, marketing, and consulting for companies.

The company offers these services in a modular package system to achieve maximum flexibility. However, all companies planning to conduct a financing campaign through UnitedCrowd must agree on diligence (quality) check in advance. The company demands this check to ensure the high-quality standard and protect investors.

UnitedCrowd completed the development of the Minimum Viable Platform Product (MVP) at the end of 2018, but it has been expanding the product since then.

Currently, the UnitedCrowd project continues developing in cooperation with supervisory authorities such as the BaFin. The platform has already successfully implemented the first client order from Mycrojobs GmbH in June 2019.

Various companies have already started showing interest in implementing a financing campaign through the UnitedCrowd platform.

Considering that UnitedCrowd was founded by a team with decades of entrepreneurial experience, a strong network, and excellent industry expertise, its popularity is not surprising. UCT token also has one of the highest ratings on several ICO listing platforms.

GoldenDog ICO is Rallying. Is it another Dogecoin? 

GoldenDog is a decentralized experimental community project, and its token GDOG is really Hot right now. The platform has already minted 786,520,721,400 Tokens, aiming the reach equivalent to 100 Tokens for each person on Earth.

GoldenDog’s goal is to achieve its token’s worldwide adoption as the currency for the Free People. It claims to be better than Shiba, Doge, and all other Doggies. Considering that Doge’s price skyrocketed to record highs, it may be worth contemplating investing in GoldenDog. However, don’t forget that new tokens are always far more volatile and unpredictable. And before committing to one of them, investors should weigh all possible outcomes carefully.

GoldenDog team stated that they would burn or mint tokens to have the total supply updated every year on January 3. The global population amounts to 7,865,207,213 people currently with the count of WorldoMeter. Accordingly, the total supply of GDOG tokens is 7,865,207,213. The company’s motto is – One token for every person on Earth.

GDOG’s price is 0.0004 USDT per token. The initial coin offering began today, July 1, 2021, and will end on July 5, 2021. The token holders will be able to make payments, transfers, and donations from everywhere around the world without any restrictions.


Meanwhile, Coinstox’s ICO is gaining supporters

Coinstox is a new marketplace. It leverages blockchain technology to connect businesses looking to increase their capital with investors looking for small investment opportunities. As a result, both parties gain.

The founders created the concept of Coinstox in June 2020. Since then, their highly skilled team has worked passionately to create an easy, secure, and beneficial way of financial trade. The company aims to revolutionize the financial services sector with the aid of blockchain technology.

Its team reflected on the general problems, and difficulties startups or little companies have to face when it comes to raising capital. Meanwhile, there is a wide range of potential investors who are interested in investing small amounts of capital in various kinds of businesses.

So, Coinstox decided to offer decentralized blockchain technology for payments and finances, along with smart contracts. The company has also launched its native utility token to make the process easier and offer additional advantages to its users.

The initial coin offering began on January 15, 2021, and will end on July 15, 2021. CSX is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum. It is currently trading for 0.05 EUR, and the platform is accepting BTC, ETH, and USDT in exchange. The total supply of CSX is 1,000,000,000 tokens.

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