GAINS Associates are Trading their Tokens On Poolz Platform 


GAINS Associates recently declared that Poolz would conduct an Initial Dex Offering for its token on April 6th. According to the company, everyone will get the opportunity to invest while its projects get long-term support from a strong community.

Some of the most experienced professionals and several major projects back up the Poolz platform in the crypto industry. The platform launched in January 2021, but it received over 220 applications from cryptocurrency projects to get a slot for an IDO on the platform within ten days of its launch.

The GAINS IDO has already begun, and a total of 2,000,000 GAINS tokens are for sale at $0.05.

What is GAINS Associates, and what does it offer to investors?

GAINS Associates is the First Decentralized VC worldwide. The abbreviation stands for Group Action Is Never Small. The company has over three years of experience and several ultra-high returns deals under its belt. It aims to remove the barriers of entry to investing, one deal at a time. It also provides daily news, video interviews, articles, and fun & educational events.

GAINS Associates is passionate about new technologies. Its founders took an early interest in Bitcoin and started investing in ICOs in late 2017. However, the ICO market was far more turbulent at that time. Public sales were riskier as most pool admins were anonymous, and they could easily disappear with investors’ money.

On the other hand, GAINS Associates aims to be fully transparent. Its team shared their social media profiles and showed their faces on video.

The company sees cryptocurrency as the best bet to become the foundation for a new financial paradigm, promoting fairness and trust. It expressed a belief that blockchain and crypto will bring more transparency, security, and traceability, while simultaneously offering free, seamless, and fast transactions. However, navigating this new ecosystem alone can be challenging. That’s why they offer help and guidance to the investors.

GAINS Associates invests in all the deals it offers. The platform performs extensive research by studying materials and gathering inputs from its community and a network of very well-connected people. While most people dream of getting rich fast, the company prefers to concentrate on a long-term vision. { font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; }

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