Finminity Wants to Help Startups Navigate the DeFi Space


Finminity is a relatively new platform with interesting views and aspirations. Many startups are trying to take a big chunk of DeFi space and achieve success in a short timeframe. Finminity wants to be the first Decentralized Investment Services platform on Blockchain, providing services to SMEs and Startups. It aims to make Fund Raising & Investment Banking affordable to companies through Decentralized Finance and Blockchain.

With the Finminity platform, companies will be able to raise funding in a decentralized manner from investors and the traders’ community as per the regulation. A Flexible and Rewarding Token Engine creates tokens on ERC 1404 or ERC 20 for firms that are raising funds. Finminity also offers its clients the use of a decentralized Investor Services Platform.

Users will be able to raise funds by token sale. Furthermore, the company will provide them with investor services & engagement compliance and help them get funding. Finminity aims to solve startups and SMEs’ real-world capital market needs and requirements through Blockchain based decentralized services.

Finminity’s main goal is to make fundraising safe and easy for startups through DeFi. The company plans to bring Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and ETH for curated startups to do tokenization and fundraising. That provides a larger and more diverse investor base, along with access to the two best networks that DeFi offers now.

Finminity’s token is already available. How can investors buy it?

The company launched its token FMT. The ICO began today, and it will end on April 9, 2021. A total of 150,000 FMT’s are for sale, and the price is $0.57 per token.

However, investors have to take several steps if they want to buy the token on the ZeeDO platform.

They should stake $ZEE on ZeroSwap Staking Module at first. That is the prerequisite for participating in the sale. Traders will earn rewards, though, 64% APY for three months by staking $ZEE. After that, they can apply for a $FMT sale and claiming the tokens. { font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; }

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