Ethereum analysis for April 2, 2021


Looking at the chart on the four-hour time frame, we see that Ethereum managed to reach the $ 2000 level again, surpassing the previous high to $ 1945. Still, strong support in moving averages is getting bigger and higher. Now our next target is the previous high at $ 2041 and the last resistance before conquering new historic highs on the chart. If we look at the MACD indicator, we see a strong bullish trend of the price of $ 1550 and that we are still in it with no current signs for a possible turnaround on the chart.



We see a strong bullish trend on the daily time frame, a break above the upper resistance line, and a crossing over the psychological zone at $ 2000. If we look at the MACD indicator, we will see that the MACD line crossed the signal line a few days ago, giving Ethereum the impetus to move even stronger in conquering new targets on the chart. Realistically, we will soon see Ethereum at a new high at $ 2100, and if all goes well for Ethereum, even $ 2200 is not an unattainable level.


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