Chinese stock market closed a bearish trading day


The Hang Seng, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange benchmark index, closed today with losses of 1.76%. The stock market replicated the downward trend of the leading Asian markets due to investors’ fears for the pandemic.

Between the sub-indices, only the most local survived. Among them, the services sector gained 0.25%. Meanwhile, while real estate added 0.61%, Finance climbed by 1.67%.  

Commerce and Industry dropped by 2.17%. The worst player was the clothing manufacturer Anta Sports, which plunged 7.67% after its majority shareholder announced the sale of 3.26% of the shares at 7.5%, lower than that of the last session’s closing.

This was a critical session for the digital giants as well. Meituan led the losses with a drop of 3.88%. Alibaba followed it with a 2.8% decline and Tencent, which yielded 2.17%.

The Financial sector ended red as well. The insurer AIA saw the worst decrease of 2.19%, and the bank HSBC dropped by 1.95%.

If not for the advance of Hang Lung Properties, the critical situation would also have been replicated in real estate. 

Among Chinese state securities, there is a significant difference between the session of operators. China Unicom climbed by 0.22%, and oil company Sinopec contracted by 5.88%.

The business volume of the session was 154,350 million Hong Kong dollars (19,882 million dollars).

Japan and India suffering from another wave of Covid-19

Japan to India seemed poised to benefit from an acceleration in the global recovery. However, a surge in coronavirus cases in these countries hit Asian markets. The currencies of nations affected by the virus have underperformed those in which vaccines are making progress.

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