BitQT – The Cryptocurrency Trading App Review


BitQT is a new company in the crypto trading sphere aiming to make waves. Their software revolutionizes cryptocurrency trading in that it makes it much more accessible to the average person. As such, the company even promises complete beginners the ability to maintain long-term profits.

Does that mean that it is solely beginner-focused? No – the website also has complex manual trading features, which allows the most skilled to excel. As such, BitQT manages to merge simplicity and complex trading features in crafting a universal experience.

Still, you may be rightfully skeptical about such a claim. After all, many have claimed that they have the ultimate trading formula. It is no secret that similar companies often fall short. For the doubtful, we suggest you suspend your disbelief and read through our review of the BitQT landing page.

The BitQT System



As we already stated, we believe BitQT can be a meaningful asset to both beginners and trading experts. That all starts with their quick and simple sign-up process. Namely, the firm doesn’t need extended background checks or proof of financial viability. Instead, it recognizes that some may not be comfortable with sharing such info online. As such, it only requires some basic personal data to avoid any sort of shady business.

Once you submit your data, the verification process is quick! In fact, you have your account immediately after. You can enjoy the demo feature and practice or test out BitQT’s features or skip ahead. To start your live trading experience, you will need to invest $250. That is quite a low starting price for a crypto trading company and makes it accessible to most.

We want to emphasize that the $250 is not the cost of using the service. Namely, using BitQT is entirely free, as you can access the app even before investing. It is not even necessary to download the platform if you don’t want to. Rather, the $250 are your trading funds, and you can use them how you please. That includes investing, withdrawing them, or adding more to them with additional deposits.

It is also worth noting that deposits and withdrawals are near-instant. Naturally, your bank may take time to process things, but in essence, they are as fast as possible.

So perhaps the simplicity sounds appealing, but that has nothing to do with trading success. However, that’s where BitQT’s advanced trading setup steps in.

Trading with BitQT

BitQT’s trading platform is where the real benefit lies for beginners. More specifically, its automated trading feature nearly guarantees profits for everyone. No matter your skill level, you can access the intuitive software and set up your entries and exits. Then the bot becomes the trader and executes your trades while looking at the markets in detail. That eliminates any mistake traders might make due to impatience or lack of knowledge.

You don’t need to look any further than BitQT’s homepage to see how users feel. Even complete beginners can profit using BitQT’s trading system, and many have shared their experiences. They were even kind enough to detail their exact profits and the time it took to achieve them. Even the website’s FAQ is apparent, so you can get preemptive answers to most of your questions.

But what if you are already an experienced trader? Well, you can still make use of the bot by setting up more complex strategies. But perhaps you do not want to use the bot at all and vastly prefer manual trading. In that case, you can use the website’s back testing features to verify the effectiveness of your tactics against past markets. On top of that, BitQT’s quick funding, near-instant execution, and complex analysis features promise a truly skill-expressive experience.

As such, even though BitQT simplifies the trading experience for beginners, they do not forget veterans. That means the website is an excellent fit for anyone trying to get into crypto, or simply those that seek to maximize their profits. { font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif; }

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