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Binance announced that it would list Klaytn tokens on its platform. The exchange will open trading for KLAY/BTC, KLAY/BUSD, KLAY/BNB, and KLAY/USDT trading pairs on 2021-06-24.

Ground X, the blockchain arm of Korea’s internet giant Kakao, developed and launched Klaytn – a public blockchain in 2019. It has also created the platform’s native utility token KLAY. The company uses this token for network utilization and yield farming, as well as for minting NFTs. The platform provides an accessible user experience. It also combines the best features of both private blockchains (high scalability, low latency) and public blockchains (distributed governance, decentralized data, and control) via an efficient “hybrid” design.

Klaytn wants to make blockchains easily accessible for all types of users, from micro startups and small businesses to enterprise divisions. Its mission is to enable decentralization via blockchains on a global scale. The company has already secured interest from many highly reputable brands around the world.

The founder and CEO of GroundX, the company behind the Klaytn blockchain, is Jaesun Han. He has a Ph.D. in computer science and electrical engineering. Han has broad experience, and he employs a strong team. That is one of the main reasons why this platform is so successful.

Why are investors choosing Klaytn?

This platform is straightforward and convenient to use. Customers can deploy their own chain or join other chains on Klaytn even if they don’t have any technical knowledge. They won’t even need to have a deeper understanding of blockchain technology or cryptography. As a result, anyone can launch their own token economy ecosystem on Klaytn without the need to consult a highly specialized technical advisor.

Klaytn is essentially an ecosystem of various decentralized applications (DApps). It enables users to find or develop the right type of application for their businesses. Furthermore, customers have virtually unlimited use cases before them, thanks to the decentralized nature of the platform. The company doesn’t restrict app publication. Klaytn supports multiple types of DApps, including art collecting and trade, digital asset management, decentralized exchange, and game development.

The company has already attracted the attention of institutional investors such as Wemade Tree, Humanspace, and Piction Network due to its versatility.

Its native token offers customers additional advantages. The maximum supply is undefined thus far. However, the total number of KLAY tokens is 10,527,368,819. Klaytn blockchain is rapidly gaining popularity among crypto enthusiasts. The fact that Binance decided to list its token on its platform is another proof of that. 2,448,059,130 KLAYs are in circulation currently.

Lithium Finance launched its high-ranked token today

Why Did Binance Decide To List KLAY On Its Platform? 

Lithium Finance is the collective-intelligence pricing platform. It gives its clients timely pricing on private and illiquid assets. The company also rewards analysts and economists who provide truthful information while punishing those who offer false pricing data. As a result, Lithium’s customers will get the correct pricing for all hard-to-value assets such as private equity, pre-IPO stocks, or other illiquid assets.

The company launched its native token to develop its ecosystem better. The LITH ICO began today, and it’s very highly ranked. LITH is ERC20 ICO, and it is currently trading for 0.0045 USD. The company hopes to raise 22,222,222 TOKENs during the sale.

Lithium Finance has recently completed a $5 million seed round led by venture capital firm Hashed and Pantera Capital. The company is using those funds to develop its collective-intelligence pricing oracle for publicly unavailable assets. Huobi Ventures Blockchain Fund, Alameda Research, and OKEx’s Blockdream Ventures participated in the round, as well, along with NGC Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, and LongHash Ventures.

The funding also enabled Lithium’s team to launch the protocol’s subsequent mainnet in beta. As well as develop the project’s ecosystem and bring forward their research to blockchain applications.

 How does Lithium plan to use its token?

The platform will use its utility token as a staking token for questions and answers, as well as a reward mechanism. According to Lithium, during the process of posing a question and answering, each user will stake a specific amount as either bounty (if they are asking a question) or confidence (if they are answering).

The company believes that such a combination of staking creates stronger signals towards the correct and valuable information. Furthermore, the more someone needs the information, the more they are willing to pay for the answer. In aggregate, with lots of people wanting access to the same information, the bounty may become substantial.

When each Wisdom Node answers the specific question, they will stake a certain amount of LITH to signal their confidence. That will increase their influence, along with the potential reward of the bounty. After the release of answers, the platform pools and distributes the bounties of LITH and the Wisdom Node stakes according to how close their answers came to the ground truth.

Fabwelt and HaloDAO are launching their ICOs today

Fabwelt Token is a revolutionary concept. It brings the future gaming and the world of NFTs together. FWLT also elevates the existing art and gaming performance by making it accessible in every corner of the world.

According to the team, Fabwelt is about innovation. It integrates the world of NFTs with the Gaming industry, gathering gamers and artists in one space and easily exchanging digital entities with the help of FWLT tokens. The company’s vision is to combine all the advantages of blockchain technology and reach out to millions of people ready to get involved.

Fabwelt is a secure company, and it offers users many interesting features. However, this platform has no mint function. Moreover, liquidity will be locked for one year, with the token contract renounced as well. But early Bonus FWLT holders and stakers will be able to earn rare NFT’s from respected designers. Long-term holders will receive even larger NFT bonuses.

The platform utilizes the advanced Polygon L2 chain. The latter provides easy access, along with super low fees for Fabwelt’s purposes. The platform is also community oriented. It will produce limited edition, authenticated NFTs and trading cards created by top artists.

FWLT token holders will have staking benefits within the Fabwelt ecosystem. They will also be able to earn an APY of up to 150% and choose how to cash in their rewards.


What about the RNBW?

HaloDAO Protocol will provide stablecoins optimized swaps between each other, as well as against other crypto assets via an automated market maker. This decentralized application platform also has the function of enabling stablecoin lending markets.

The HaloDAO team initially launched the network on Ethereum in its version zero. However, the team also plans to launch HaloDAO on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.

The company is starting its native utility token’s ICO today. Customers can use RNBW to participate in governance and determine the allocation of network resources. They can also actively stake RNBWs or use them as collateral for Lending Markets or AMM liquidity.

HaloDAO Protocol offers various interesting features, including a stablecoin optimized Automated Market Maker; a stablecoin risk profile optimized Lending Market; optimistic governance (on-chain execution, off-chain voting), vesting via the xRNBW vesting token, and RNBW liquidity rewards.

HaloDAO’s ICO will end on June 26, 2021, and the price is $0.350000 per token. A total of 1,000,000 RNBWs will be available during the sale.  

Fanadise and Efinity are beginning a new round of token sales

Both FAN and EFI are very hot tokens, and investors who missed out on the first round can buy them now. Fanadise is offering its token for the price of 0.085 USD. Meanwhile, Efinity’s token will be trading for $0.200000.

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