Binance Listed FC Barcelona Fan Token BAR on its Platform


Binance announced that it completed the FC Barcelona Fan Token Discount Sale, and it would open trading for BAR now. The world’s biggest crypto trading platform already listed FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR) in the Innovation Zone. It opened trading for BAR/BTC, as well as BAR/BUSD and BAR/USDT trading pairs on April 21, 2021.

The FC Barcelona Fan Token is a utility token. It allows FC Barcelona fans to have a tokenized share of influence on club decisions due to using the Socios application and other services. BAR serves as a membership key, allowing users to compete for club recognition, exclusive rewards, and more.

BAR is built on Chiliz Chain. The latter is a Proof-of-Authority sidechain built on Ethereum. FC Barcelona publishes various fan decision polls now and again, and BAR token holders can vote via smart contract on them. According to the company, the team will act according to poll results.

Furthermore, investors holding BAR can interact with the Socios platform. The latter offers many activities, including competing in contests and quizzes, voting on polls, connecting with other users, etc. Users can earn various rewards, such as matchday tickets, cashback offers from official online shops, exclusive experiences, club-specific NFTs, in-app CHZ bonuses, and digital badges.

The company also noted that users would be able to enjoy integrated BAR access in partnered applications/websites, spend BAR tokens to redeem VIP goods and services, and stake BAR for NFT rewards in the future.

A total token supply consists of 40,000,000 BAR, but currently, only 7.4% is circulating. Discount Sale Price is 0.04512816 BNB per BAR token, and 74,735 BAR have been available for sale.

How can Investors gain from holding BAR tokens?

Investors should try to collect as many fan tokens as possible. has a finite supply of FC Barcelona tokens. These blockchain-secured digital assets allow users to participate in club surveys. They can hunt, buy or earn. Furthermore, the more they interact, the more reward points they will earn.

Investors owning Fan Tokens can join a pool of other supporters whose collective decision-making power is absolute. Partner teams will seek every member’s input on club matters by running both binding and non-binding polls. The former’s results are an instruction that clubs agree to follow.

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