AvaTrade Launches New Copy-trading Trading App, AvaSocial


AvaTrade Launches New Copy-trading Trading App, AvaSocial

Irish brokerage firm AvaTrade has partnered with Pelican Trading App to introduce a new and innovative copy-trading application, AvaSocial.

AvaSocial will help forex and CFD brokers on AvaTrade to connect with other traders and trading industry experts. It is a mobile application regulated by the UK’s watchdog, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).   In addition to connecting various traders and experts, AvaSocial will enable users to showcase their expertise and trading performance.

According to AvaTrade traders using AvaSocial will be able to use the mobile app to gain followers.  The followers will benefit from copy-trading services of shared strategies and trading signals.  Instant messaging special features on AvaSocial will allow traders to easily communicate with each other in a timely fashion.

Promoting Social Trading with AvaSocial

Copy-trading services allow people in the financial markets to automatically copy positions of their trusted experts or market analysts. Copied investors often receive a flat monthly subscription free from traders seeking to open similar positions.

According to AvaTrade, copy trading is an important aspect of social trading. Most traders often depend on analysis carried out by experts or trusted traders in the same trading community. This helps many investors to make informed investment decisions in forex and CFD markets.

Using AvaSocial, AvaTrade clients can now take full advantage of all the featured innovative trading aspects on the go.

Aviatrade’s CEO Daire Ferguson said that the brokerage firm is delighted to launch AvaSocial alongside Pelican Trading. Ferguson further commented that the launch is part of the firm’s continued commitment to educate their clients.

“The new platform provides markets accessibility and showcases how experts are investing their own money.”

Clients can use the chat functionality to engage, share and interact on live trades. They in turn benefit from timely expert recommendations and copy trading services which increases their chance for greater success.

Avatrade’s Growing Investment in Social Trading

AvaTrade is among the most highly regulated online trading platforms.  The firm is licensed to operate in 7 different jurisdictions across 6 continents.  With the launch of AvaSocial, AvaTrade said that their plan is to tap into the growing social trading culture.

As an FCA-regulated an award winning social trading app, Pelican offers the best innovative trading technology solutions. These allow users to trade chat and earn on their mobile phones.

CEO of Pelican Trading Mike Read said that the firm is pleased to bring its superior features to AvaSocial.

In recent related AvaTrade News, the firm received the Global Forex Broker of the Year Award by TradeForexSA.

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