AI Tech and TikTok’s Algorithm Are Now for Sale


Now anyone can get to know the secret element behind ByteDance’s TikTok app for a price. In June, the China-based company silently launched a new division (BytePlus). Its focus is on selling TikTok’s algorithm behind its ForYou feed and its artificial intelligence technology to businesses worldwide. In fact, the Financial Times reported this information on Sunday.

The Times reported that some of the other features that are up for sale include the real-time video effects, the short-form video app based on computer vision tech, automated translation of speech and text functions, and data analysis and management tools. Later, customers can tailor this tech to fit the needs of their consumer base and apps.

According to its website, BytePlus has a few buyers. Goat is an American fashion app included in BytePlus customers with WeGo, a Singapore-based travel booking site.

Also, there is Chilibeli, an Indonesian online shopping start-up.

TikTok’s recommendation algorithm was a key driver in its success, so it is clear that ByteDance might try to capitalize on that. In a blog post last year, TikTok explained that the app determines which videos to recommend on its users’ feed based on the user metadata and interaction. Those interactions are which videos the user shares, likes, or comments on, what captions or hashtags they include on their posts, what type of device they use or location settings, etc.

How will it change users’ experience?

It creates an experience that differs from user to user. This feed, called FYP or the ForYouPage, became a meme itself. Many stories suggest that users believe that TikTok’s algorithm knew their medical diagnoses and sexuality before them. Those people discovered this information after the app pointed them to a specific group of people that shared their experiences.{font-family:'Open Sans',sans-serif}

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