The GameStop Stock Trigger No One Is Calling


$20 to $500, then $500 to $50. GME is on a roller coaster ride and no one (at least from what we’re seeing) is telling you why.

Well, when we dug in and looked at the price spikes and dips, we found a clear trigger.


We’ll dive into how and what this means for you.

Plus, we’re seeing a super bearish sign for the big FANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon/Apple, Netflix and Google) that tells us this trade has reached the end of the line.

FANG money is flooding into a new set of stocks.

It’s early enough that you have the potential to lock in four-digit returns from here. Here’s our picks and more for the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

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Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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