Chips & Cloud Stocks: Signals for GROWTH Mode


The market rebound is about to accelerate. In a big way.

We’re getting back to growth mode. At least with your America 2.0 stocks.

I’m calling a timeline for this rebound in today’s video. For me, there are two key things I watch that are pointing up: semiconductor (chips) and cloud stocks.

This bounce is crucial since these sectors are at the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

And we’ve got more for you today on our big three roundup like:

  • An entertainment section about Jim Cramer’s crypto view. (And of course, we’ll balance that out with our predictions on bitcoin and Ethereum.)
  • New overwhelming demand for cannabis and what that means for your pot stocks.
  • An electric vehicle (EV) showdown with Ford’s CEO vs Tesla’s Elon Musk. Plus, I believe we could see another 100% gain in 2021 from TSLA.

There’s a lot of bullish, optimistic, positive (#BOP) info we want to make sure you know about today. It could make all the difference in your portfolio. So, let’s jump in:

[embedded content]


Ian Dyer

Ian Dyer

Editor, Rapid Profit Trader

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