10 Stages of Strong Hands: Where Are You?


Finding your Strong Hands is a journey.

And one Profits Unlimited reader, Frankie W., just gave us (and you!) a great insider’s look.

We discovered there are 10 stages to becoming a Strong Hands investor. And we’ve compiled that list for you here:

Click here to view larger image and print!

Amazing! Print this out and keep it handy. Paul and Amber shared this in the Profits Unlimited weekly update and it’s a hit!

…I just caught the video with Frankie’s “Stages…” and it really helped to remind me to keep the Strong Hands. I know you say this all the time but that one really helped. I’m not the only one going through this. I just needed to hear it again, I guess. The stages are real!! I was there too! Strong Hands wasn’t an issue when it was a handful of positions dragging down. But then, that’s not when we need the Strong Hands, is it…

— Matt

So, we had to share it with the whole Strong Hands Nation right away. And we want to know: What stage of Strong Hands are you in?

You can share your stage and story here:

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Strong Hands Opportunities for Every Stage

We covered some of the most exciting developments in our favorite mega trends this week as we hold Strong Hands through this roller-coaster market:


Your Bold Profits Team

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